Online Media in the 21st Century

Online media in the 21st Century presents a precarious dilemma. Everyone now expects just about everything to be free. Social media, videos, music, podcasts, news, and of course blogs. The notion of free content accessible to the masses is a noble one, why should any of the above be available just to those with the extra change to pay for them, wouldn’t it better to get your information in front of the most eyes possible? In theory yes, but I think the evidence is in, and free media sucks. The advertising model, or as some have penned (cite Jeron), the behavior manipulation model, is not only unethical, its had two undesirable effects.

  1. Its undermined the incentives in place to promote the creation of content and information by those who actually do have value to contribute, since they cannot make a reliable living off such ventures, their ideas remain buried.
  2. What they remain buried in is a pile of bad content. The free web has seen the rise of low quality, sensationalized, and particularly negative content percolates to the surface. How many good stories have you read in the past 5 years? How many quality stories have you read? This is the effect of the advertisement model.

It is for this reason I’ve decided to host my blog on Medium, a dedicated site for writers who want to put more thought, and less sensation into their work. Medium charges a membership fee to view some stories after a monthly free quota to support its content creators (me). Please consider joining Medium for only $5 a month (less than a good beer these days) or $50/year, where you can enjoy unlimited content from a plethora of writers far more qualified than I, covering a wide range of topics. There is truly something useful for everyone.

For those of you who aren’t ready to make the leap to paid content, I’ll be posting those entries for free on this blog as well for the time being, but I would eventually like to transition to hosting exclusively on Medium. To support this, I would like to ask anyone who is interested to please donate what they can directly to support my efforts via Patreon, a platform created to support artists and creators to get paid for their contributions. You can setup a monthly donation, one-time donation, or pay every time I publish a blog entry, all with the flexibility to give any amount which you are comfortable. I thank you kindly for your support, without which this platform would not be possible.