Compost as a Biofuel, Waste Management, and Green Business with Brian Paganini (EP. 003)

Brian Paganini is the Vice President & Managing Director of Quantum Biopower, a renewable energy and waste recycling company based in Southington, Connecticut. You could say Brian is pretty passionate about composting, but he’s even more excited about reducing waste and putting our unused products to good use in a clean manner. Each year the US produces nearly 60 million tons of food waste, the big idea at Biopower is to convert that and other compostable items into energy, diverting it from landfills and creating low-carbon impact energy for local communities. Brian is passionate about environmental stewardship, but also recognizes the need for clean energy to be financially sustainable. He argues that the transition to cleaner economy is not one we should feel depressed about, but rather one that we should be excited about, as we begin to make our system a whole lot better!

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