Hunting, Conservation, Food, & More With Kylie Schumacher (EP. 001)

Kylie Schumacher is a Wildlife Technician studying wildlife diseases with the USDA*. She is also on the chapter leadership team for Colorado Back County Hunters & Anglers, serving as the regional director for Northern Colorado. Kylie is an emerging hunter based in Fort Collins, Colorado, and is a passionate advocate for wildlife conservation, especially regarding the role of hunting. She is also a proponent of back-to-nature movements, as well as hunting as a food source. In this podcast we dug into the ethics of hunting, meat-eating, the many problems with today’s food paradigms, and much more. Please enjoy, comment below, and share!

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*The views expressed by Kylie or myself in this recording are solely our own and do not necessarily represent the official policy or position of the US Fish & Wildlife Service, US Dept. of the Interior, Wildlife Services, The USDA, or the US government

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